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SSI America in existence since 1998 is a proven product concept leader in the automotive consumer electronics industry.
SSI America creates and designs products for renowned companies, which manufacture and sell them via global outlets. Since the company’s inception, several of the invented product concepts have received international awards and become consumer favorites.



In 1998 SSI America invented an mp3 player based on a hard drive, which SSI America designed as the first one of its kind. At the time of this invention, the only mp3 player flash based that was available was the Rio mp3. SSI America’s product was distinguishable from the Rio and showcased innovation by devising an mp3 based on a hard drive instead of a flash drive. It took another three years, until Apple launched the iPod based on SSI America’s creation.

SSI America’s products were highly popular and sold under the company brand at the most well known consumer electronic outlets, i.e. Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, Fry’s Electronics among many others. SSI America’s main product was the hard drive based mp3 player for use in cars. Building upon this invention SSI America devised a connection that would allow the mp3 player to be controlled by Pioneer, Sony, and Alpine head units.

SSI America did not stop here. We further thought up a process where original car radios, such as Ford, GM, Honda, and Toyota, controlled the mp3 player. These products were a consumer hit and sold at Best Buy stores across the country. In 2004, SSI America’s Neo Car Jukebox II was nominated at the worldwide renowned and most prestigious consumer electronics conference, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada in the mobile electronics category.

SSI America further cemented it’s elite stature in the field by designing a universal car CD changer that sold at Best Buy and other major consumer electronic outlets. This product’s popularity was so incredible that at its peak distribution the CD changer sold over 1,000 units per week.

In 2003, SSI America applied it’s expertise in car radio protocols and invented the first car to iPod controller via the car radio. This product was sold to AAMP of America, a very well known company specializing in car electronics and integration of car electronics. In 2003 as well, SSI America struck up a professional collaboration with XM Satellite Radio. We were responsible for the design of XM Radio solutions for the car, which XM Radio commissioned and which the company Audiovox manufactured and distributed.

SSI America further invented a synergy device that controls Microsoft based mp3 players via a car radio. Microsoft was so impressed with SSI America’s brainchild, the company showcased his technology at the 2005 CES.

In 2005, SSI America masterminded a unique XM Radio solution – the XM Smart Digital Adaptor - for all cars using FM radio RDS (Radio Data Systems).

The XM Smart Digital Adaptor – manufactured by Audiovox utilizing SSI America’s designs and prototypes, won BEST of CES and Best for Car Integration at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show. Mr. Buchheim continues to design and update products for XM Radio, manufactured by Audiovox and sold nationwide.

In 2005 and 2006, SSI America designed innovative cell phone concepts for consumer electronic industry giant Motorola, while developing products for the widely known brand Alpine Electronics.

In 2005 SSI America also designed a gateway for M.O.S.T. Optical cars. This supported Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW and Volvo.

In 2006, SSI America invented a groundbreaking special car media Hub called the Gateway. This universal all-car inclusive media gateway enables a box to be installed inside a vehicle. This box serves as connection port for an iPod, has HD radio, Satellite Radio, Bluetooth hands-free cell phone technology, USB devices (for mp3 players) and other consumer electronics. SSI America designed this complex product over an 18-months period and subsequently sold this product solution to AAMP of America. AAMP displayed the In-Vehicle Control, OEM Integration at the 2008 CES and won a BEST of CES award.

SSI America reverse engineered all communication bus protocols on: Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, VW, GM (GM LAN + GM Class 2), Ford CAN, Chrysler MS CAN, Hyundai, Kia.

In 2007 SSI America designed a Universal Bluetooth for OEM Cars with A2DP.

In 2008 SSI America designed for AAMP of America an ultra small FM modulator with RDS for the iPhone. The product called Wifli included a wireless steering wheel remote control. The product was showcased at the 2009 CES, and won again best of CES Award.

In 2007 Started researching with Electric Bicycles. After years of research, SSI America applied for 3 patents related to Pedal assist and electric wheel control. SSI America is focusing on Electric Bicycles and is developing new groundbreaking products.


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